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"None of the books or photographs studied before leaving home had even slightly prepared me for such majesty. Truly this is something that does have to be seen to be believed, and that once seen must be continually yearned for when left behind, becoming as incurable a fever of the spirit as malaria is of the body."
Dervla Murphy - travel writer 1967.

THE CLIMATE The Himalaya lies at 28 degrees latitude (as does northern Mexico) and is sub-tropical at the lower elevations. The two prime times to trek are Feb.-Apr., with longer days, new growth, and a profusion of flowering rhododrendron and magnolia trees and the fall, Sept.-Nov. when the air has been washed clear by the summer monsoon.

A DAY ON THE TRAIL For a group of 8, our support group provided will include a Sirdar , 2 Sherpa guides, 3 cookstaff, and 15-20 porters. The day starts with a wake up call at 6am. and a cup of tea served at your tent. Breakfast at 7am. is served at a table with stools.

Following a review of the route, we are on the trail by 8 o'clock. The usual distance to walk each day is approximately 12 to 15 km. You carry your own day pack containing a few extra clothes, camera and water bottle. The time to complete this distance depends on the terrain.

You can walk alone at your own pace, or with others in the group. A guide is at each end of the group to ensure that no-one gets lost. The lunch break is often at a stream between 11 and noon giving us an opportunity to wash and to do laundry. The afternoon walk of 2 to 4 hours takes us to our camp site between 3 and 4pm. Tea and cookies are served on arrival. Dinner is served in a large mess tent at 6:30.

FOOD Meals are simple, tasty, nutritious and varied. The kitchen staff is meticulous in cleanliness while preparing meals. The water is well boiled and vegetables are sterilized and cleaned. Washing water is provided for guests immediately prior to all meals.

AGE Our minimum age is 15. We haven't got a top limit! Physical fitness and attitude are the most important factors.

FITNESS Stan Armington author of "Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya" (Lonely Planet) advises the following: "A trek is physically demanding because of its length and the almost unbelievable changes in elevation. Because you can choose your own pace and rest at your will, the exertion, while strenuous at times, is not sustained. Probably the only physical problem that might make a trip impossible is a history of knee problems."

" In Nepal the descents are long, steep and unrelenting. There is hardly a level stretch in the entire kingdom. You should be in the best possible condition before beginning a trek. If you are an experienced walker and can hike 10 miles a day with a pack, a trek will not prove difficult."

" Previous experience in hiking and living outdoors, is however, helpful. The first night of a month long trip is too late to discover that you do not like to sleep in a sleeping bag. Mountaineering experience is not necessary, but you must enjoy walking."


  1. Backpacking experience of more than
    2 overnights within the last 3 years.
  2. Day trips in mountainous terrain walking
  3. Day trips with pack on flat or rolling hills
  4. Walking of 1-3 hours per session


  1. Regular aerobic program year round
  2. Sporadic aerobic fitness program
  3. Casual light exercise of walking, cycling, skiing
  1. Clean bill of health/recent checkup
  2. Recurring weakness in hips, knees or feet
  3. History of pulmonary/cardiac deficiencies
  4. Smoker or 20% overweight
  1. 16 - 35
  2. 36 - 45
  3. 46 - 55
  4. 56 - 65
  5. over 65

40-35 time to sign up now!
34-27 extra training 3 months in advance
of trip needed for a 14-21 day trek
26-21 longer training needed
- consider an 8 day trek
Below 21 do some back-packing in Canada to find
out if trekking in the Himalaya is for you

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